Primius Lab offers a portfolio of essential drugs and medical devices for the treatment of serious and rare diseases.


Our product range includes among others the following specialties:



  • SST 100® (Médical Device)

  • Xclair® (Médical Device)


  • Alkonatrem® (Demeclocycline Hydrochloride)                         

  • Di-hydan® (Phenytoine)                                                           

  • Dopram® (chlorhydrate de Doxapram)                                       

  • Karnodyl® (Propranol Hydrochloride)

  • Marsilid® (Iproniazide)                                    

  • Myambutol® 400mg Comprimés (Ethambutol)                        

  • Myambutol® 1000mg Sol. Injectable (Ethambutol)                                                                       

  • Striadyne® (Adenoside Triphosphate)                                     



All information and characteristics of the specialties listed above are from the French public database of medicines (

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